Check out some of my workshops and masterclasses to help you raise your vibe, change your career, start your business + live your best life.

Create an Online Course

Join me on this 1 hour training to learn everything you need to know, from idea conception to launch, about creating a truly stand out online course and expand past your 1:1 client offering. This is sneak peek inside our expert collective files and an example of the type of resources you’ll gain access to if you join the expert collective.

Manifest the Love You Deserve

Are you ready to get yourself into the energy that is attractive to the committed loyal and loving partner you truly deserve? To stop settling for gaslighting, ghosting, non commitment and partners you know are not right for you? To get clear on what it is that you really want from a relationship and learn to implement boundaries that mean you don’t settle for anything less?

Learn the steps to manifesting the kind of relationship you know you deserve in this two hour workshop + Q+A.

I share with you the key manifesting tools and rituals I implemented in the few months before I met my ideal partner after years of dating emotionally unavailable men that wouldn’t commit.

The Career Change Workshop

Are you ready to walk away from your unfulfilling, emotionally draining and uninspiring job and make your move into a career that lights you up, gives you meaning, ignites a new spark of challenge and inspires a sense of purpose – feeling what feels like your soul’s work. Every. Single. Day.

Yes you deserve that from your work. Believe it or not, you are incredibly worthy and deserving of working in a job that fills you up, makes you feel alive and doesn’t feel like a punishment every single day.

Then this workshop is for you.

Break Free From Self Sabotage

Break free from negative thinking patterns, overcome fear, worry and self neglect and leave behind the sabotaging behaviours that have been holding you back from becoming your brightest and most confident self with this 120 minute workshop.

Break Free From Bad Body Image

Drop your body hang ups, worry’s, fears and self loathing thoughts and find a place where you are at peace with your body. A place where your body doesn’t take up much of your thoughts, feelings and energy. Turn the volume down on the inner voice that keeps making you think that without the perfect body you will never be perfect, and break free from the negative thoughts, behaviours and beliefs about your body in this masterclass.