“Becki taught me that my first client is me and as soon as I treated myself as such everything changed. I got clear on what was important to me, what was holding me back, how I could give myself more time to grow and I have used this experience and knowledge in my coaching.

I have loved working with Bec, everything has changed in the last 6 months and I am eternally grateful for her support in helping me get to where I am and to start me on a path which feels so much more aligned to who i really am.”



Fiona Moss

Established Branding // Created and launched website // Established weekly newsletter // Run my own talk // Been invited onto a podcast | Given talks for Sweaty Betty // Set up future talks for other companies such as De Beauvoir Co-working space and Farm Girl // Secured my first clients // Conducted first webinar


”Becki was so amazing with helping me set up and launch my company ThreeSixFive.

She put my thoughts into words and helped me create a clear vision for the brand as well as writing the website content and scheduling the social media posts from pre launch to post.

It was really helpful having someone like her to sit and listen to my vision and goals and then let her structure it and put my vision into print and social.”



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Assisted with launch of Online Stationary Business: ThreeSixFive // Consulted on Social Media, copywriting and design // Brand tone of voice // Website design


“Becki inspires you, holds you accountable to make changes and create something magical, she has so much knowledge but doesn’t try to fake it. If you need that push in the right direction she is your girl.

I have loved working with Becki, everything has changed in the last 6 months and I am eternally grateful for her support in helping me get to where I am and to start me on a path which feels so much more aligned to who i really am.”



Changed my full time job role // Mailing list // Website // A brand // Confidence // Social media strategy // Networking // Letting go // Allowing things to happen // Having the confidence to know i am good enough // Spending time doing things i love and enjoy


“I used to suffer from really bad self doubt and not really feel like I was good enough to be doing what I’m doing and promoting myself. Becki has completely transformed my mindset and helped me step into showing off my work and not being afraid to own it.

Becki has been such a positive influence not only in my business but also she’s transformed my mindset surrounding things that I can apply to my every day life. I now don’t get overwhelmed, I’m not scared to put myself out there and I’m proud of everything I have achieved with her.



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Increased clients more than I ever thought I would in such a short space of time // Confidence to show myself off to the industry // Setting goals and achieving everything I had dreamt off doing // Clearly defining the path I want my business to take


Sarah Johnston
Integrative Health Coach: Girl Gone Well

Carly-Anne Turner
Self Esteem and Relationships Coach

Lashara Van Heerden
Personal Trainer, Coach, Yoga Teacher in training + Founder of Fit Living


“I have achieved more in one month of working with Becki than I did all year last year as a PT!

I had so many ideas, but never did anything with them. I didn’t know how and where to start. During 2018 I had 4 calls with mentors. As soon as I spoke with Becki on my initial call, I just knew she’d be able to help. I lacked in the confidence, self-worth within the fitness industry. I was unsure of my niche, unclear on my target audience. After the first call I took away so much and hit tasks I’d been sat on for the past 12 months.”



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Donna Pavitt

Confidently shared my story with my audience // Set up free exercise plan for potential clients // Created 2 ebooks // Updated website // Had a photoshoot // Attended 2 workshops // Signed up to a local networking scheme // Got in touch with likeminded small business owners to work together // Set up Newsletter

Faye Kilgour


“Working with Becki was the single most powerful factor in me launching my business and generating clients. The main takeaway being: Show up, show up and show up. Have a niche, communicate it and only say yes to what you want to do.

If you’re thinking about working with Becki DO IT! She is supportive, a beautiful soul and and has the wisdom to help you get to the next level. She is literally changing the world and inspiring lots of other women to follow in her footsteps.”



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Got clear on my message // Clear on my niche and my overall brand // Began working with first private clients // Launched a website // Created a free download to generate a mailing list // Created all new branding // Ensuring I ‘show’ up as a coach on social media


“Working with Becki made me make the leap from GP to Health and Life Coach and setting this up as a private business.

I’ve become more confident in myself and my business, I feel more aware of my purpose and goals and know how to check in with myself if things change. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and shown up where I wouldn’t have before.

I have become more sure of myself as an individual and am so much happier in myself having made the leap to change careers.

Best business coach you could ask for”



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I Changed careers // Got clear on my purpose and where I wanted to take my business // Created a new brand and design // Professional photos // Set up a website // Created content and branding deck to send to brands // Set up a mailing list and Newsletter // Created a Facebook challenge // Planned an event // Collaborated with brands // Written articles // Spoken at events // Started an IGTV series


“I had no clue who I was as a Coach or who I wanted to work with. I achieved so much more than I expected to, in such a short period of time. Becki is like the cheerleader you need at every stage in your business and life. Becki gave me the clarity to put all my messy thoughts into one clear plan.

When you’re making the decision to working with Becki, you’re not just investing in your business, but you’re investing in yourself too. Don’t stress yourself waiting for the ‘right time’. The best time is the very moment that you’re considering it! When I had my discovery call with Becki I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make this financial investment or how I would find the time whilst juggling a Masters and a full-time job. Needless to say, the investment has been more valuable than I had expected.”



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Relaunched my website // Brand design // Signed my first client // Developed an the on-boarding process // Got clear on who I was as a Coach // Got clear on who my ideal client was // Generated a mailing list // Sold out on my first event // Got a clear plan // Had a personal branding photoshoot // Connected with a community of inspirational like-minded business women


“Working with Becki, I found my purpose and became more confident.

I have become more automated so I don’t waste time, more efficient to make sure I am using my time correctly. I am using others to help me as I know my time is precious and I need the help when it is not my skill set.

I have become more confident in myself and working with her has helped me believe in myself and who I am as an instructor and person.”



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Creating a brand identity // Found my niche // Worked on my social media offering // Emailed brands // Collaborations with brands // Writing articles // Awareness // Money mindset

Katie Gray


“Becki helped give clarity with who I am and what I offer. Which then helped create Kind by KG. It probably would have taken me 2 years to do the same on my own!

I’m more confident on my offering & am trying to own this space! I’ve learnt that delegation is sometimes the only way I can get things done! I now know which parts of work I need to grow because I enjoy doing and which parts I need to start letting go.

Being accountable towards someone get’s things done! And for building a business in the wellness space Becki is FABULOUS. So well connected and has a lot of experience.”



New branding // Photoshoot // Website // Instagram creation // Influencer Launch Event // Got Move on board with the method // Clear direction on where I’m going for the rest of the year and what I need to do to get there


“Essentially Becki has helped me go from being just a personal trainer to thinking and acting like a businesswoman and getting excited about all the future has to offer and put all the steps in place to get there. It’s been the best investment as I now have a full client list (and a waiting list). I’ve got a sense of direction thanks to her helping me find my niche and it’s meant that I attract the clients within that. I’m also doing things I would never have dreamed of in a million years – such as wanting to host talks to build up my brand and profile.

I’m happier. It’s a strange one to put but I feel like I’m actively working towards bigger things rather than just treading water thinking that I wasn’t good enough. My mindset has completely changed into feeling as if I’m running a business, seeing opportunity in meetings, new contacts.”



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Photo shoot (something I’ve been putting off for 2 years!) // Filmed workout videos (I cannot express how big a deal this is for me!) // Relaunched my website // Created content // New followers and converted them into clients! // Started Newsletter // Created a 3 month business plan // Reached out, had meetings and created relationships with incredible people in the wellness industry // Talks in the pipeline // Created a concept for a new studio which I’m opening later this year // Started a Facebook community


“Becki gave me a huge foundation to build upon. She made me appreciate clever pricing, client retention and how to not devalue my own services. I released what skills I can utilise and what I need help with in order to grow.

I realised my true potential and the potential of my business. Becki helped me establish a solid foundation to my business to support long term growth in order to reach my potential.

Becki is one inspiring lady! She always came to meetings with fresh ideas and new perspectives. She was there for me early in the mornings and late at night when my business turned upside down due to COVID-19. She is professional, yet warm and loving. She truly believes in you and will always go the extra mile to help you grow.”



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Brand Strategy // How to raise awareness and gain client growth //Plan to launch my business online during COVID-19 // Supported me with my marketing approach // Pricing strategy and product offering


“Working with Becki 1:1, has truly changed my life. She’s taught me that it is possible to make a living out of a dream and your passion. The only thing that was in the way of me achieving my goals before was me. As long as you show up as me, and drive from purpose, no one can fault me for it. I’ve always wanted to make my dreams a reality and now I know that I can make it as an Online Coach and be all the things I want to be!

If you’re thinking about working with Becki just do it! It will be the best investment that you will ever make. Becki’s business knowledge in the wellness space combined with her passion and contagious energy will leave you in the best possible position to launch your own business. Her authenticity and honesty is exactly what I was looking for in a Coach and week on week she held me accountable and guided me when making decisions.”



Defining my story and getting clear on my purpose as a Coach // Creating content pillars and devising social media content // Launched my Instagram page // Created a mailing list and sent out newsletters // Got very clear on pricing structures and my offerings // Created a launch strategy // Built a kick ass website I just absolutely love // Stepped out and became a GETLIT Ambassador // Gained confidence to have a voice on social media // Hosted zoom classes to up to 40 people // Launched a boxing inspired fitness class that has sold out week on week // Learnt how to hold discovery calls // Secured my first 6 clients// Levelled up my self worth // Stepping out of my comfort zone is now the norm and each day is to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable!


“The main takeaway from working with Becki was I CAN do this. I genuinely believe that now. It’s all up for grabs – I’ve just got to keep pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, which is never actually as scary as it sounds.

I’m working more on my mindset – particularly in terms of money and fear of being seen. I am now feeling more confident posting on social media, have done my first IGTV and am planning my first webinar. I now have a clear plan of what I want to achieve with my business. I know who I am as a coach, who I want to help and how I want to do it. No more jumping around, dipping my toe into a million different things trying to figure it all out and then backing away scared!”



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A new and very much improved website // A complete re-brand // Expanding into wellness coaching alongside fitness // Social media strategy and content // Launch roadmap // A new offering of fitness classes and 1:1 coaching programmes // A new set of goals for the next few months with clear milestones


“Since working with Becki i have become more confident in succeeding in my business. I have confidence to come out of my comfort zone. I now talk about my business more where as before I was hiding away.

To someone thinking about working with Becki 1:1 I would say…..she will change your life!”



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Increased all my prices // New website // New branding // Made my company more professional // New clients // More organised // Increased my mailing list // Now use excel


“I started in Becki’s GET LIT Clique in 2018 and was a member for about 6 months. I then hired her for 1:1 coaching July 2020 and worked with her for 4 months. I gained my voice. I became confident in my abilities to serve others in the health and wellness space and knew I had a purpose to see that through.

Becki will be one of the most pivotal relationships and connections you make in your life. She has the ability clear the haze of self doubt and empower you to take charge of your life how you see fit. She will elevate your business and systems that will help you thrive in your work. This will be the best investment you make in your life in terms of mental gain. Being a part of the evolution of her coaching while growing in my own has been its own epic takeaway. I feel her genuine desire to do all she can to help others is contagious and I am so so grateful for my time with her.”



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Built a website // Got consistent and organised with my social media content // Built a brand deck for organisations // Have an email outreach template for podcasts and partnerships // Organised the flow of my client calls // Have a strong discovery call template // Nailed my ideal client and her pain points // Have a clear vision and mission in my site content // Built my own custom program focusing on 5 pillars