“you can’t connect the dots going forwards, you can only connect them going back. so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future” steve jobs

 I believe that every single dot connects… every single one, and here’s why…..

 Sine I can remember, this voice inside of me controlled me. She told me I couldn’t, that I wasn’t worthy enough, that I wasn’t good enough. I let her have her say and I always believed what she told me. From the age of 2 I had something to prove, always running around, hyperactive, showing off. Always looking for outward recognition. Always wanting people to be proud of me, love me, like me.

I was sports gal/ tom boy through and through. It was my life. From the get go, my body was my tool, it was my support system through 10 times a week deep in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading – you name the sport, I did it.  I moved my body for no other reason than because I loved every single part of it and what it could do, from the excitement of competing, the adrenaline when performing and the focus and repetition of movement to be able to achieve new goals.  But although I was putting my self out there from the outside, I still had no belief in my abilities. I dreamt of going to the brit school and be in a girl band, but wouldn’t go to the audition, I loved to sing but wouldn’t sing in front of anyone in case they thought I was bad. I just had this huge fear of being told I wasn’t ‘good enough.

Sports…? Remember the dots connect..

 My working years started at the age of 15. Money didn’t come easily in my household and I watched my single mum raise two children and a household on one teacher’s salary. I started work at my local David Lloyd gym in the restaurant with the view to move the gym as soon as I was old enough.

 Sport was still a huge part of my life at this point, I was studying sports and psychology at A-level so working in a gym made total sense. Studying sports all my life and taking it to higher level was something I always thought I would do but in visiting universities I felt like I wanted something more than sports studies, I could feel a voice in me telling me to do something different. I always had a natural creative flare and was obsessed with historical magazine prints and adverts from a young age ( remember the dots connect) and so fell into the most random course ever ‘Advertising and Marketing PR communications’.. I say random because at the time it was one of only two course of that nature that existed in the UK and it also was completely different to the sport and psychology route I had always thought I would take + courses I had applied for at other universities.


Throughout university I worked full time ( remember my mum taught me to always hustle) in a local restaurant as well as at our local magazine as a sales executive. Selling, being around people and making them happy became my thing. During this time, sports took a back seat and I pretty much completely gave up my active life. A life I had loved for so many years. ‘It wasn’t cool at university to play sports as a girl’. Instead I became fixated on the way we consume content and how we interact with content and social media platforms and wrote and entire dissertation on how audiences behave and were starting to create their own content. This was when Instagram didn’t exist and influencers certainly didn’t (remember the dots connect) …

I decided to take the leap, move back to London and start my dream career at Hearst Magazines working on some of the world’s most iconic magazine titles ELLE UK, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo + Women’s health. I was a graduate sales exec and all my learnings at university from pitching, to creating and presenting became of use.

I very quickly worked my way up the department and found myself at the age of 24 managing a team of 30 a £4.2 million budget and an entire department. There I was, 24 managing people older than me, more experienced then me and although everything was on the up with my career, I was itching to do more. The sports girl inside of me wanted to come back. I was also battling with a breakup which spiralled all my insecurities and self worth issues out of control and I was in the depths of depression and illness. This life I had built that I had dreamed of just wasn’t fulfilling me? It wasn’t enough? In the midst of my depression I got so ill with it all that I started sharing what I was learning through Instagram. My fear of what others would say and strong voice within me telling me I wasn’t good enough so I hid my blog for 6 months from anyone. Purely with the message to just share how I was overcoming my battles with anxiety, gut health, depression and food intolerances through alternative methods of healing. I named my blog Alternatively Healthy and from the get go, I I humbly new it was so much more than a blog.


What started to happen was this other life outside of usual life built up. My blog started to grow, I started attending wellness events, I ended up going full circle and getting the personal trainer qualification I had always wanted as a 15 year old and never got and before I knew it, I was running two fully fledged lives next to each other. One I had dreamed of and always thought I wanted and one that I built out of pure passion. I managed them both for 2 WHOLE YEARS. Yet both made sense, working in an establishment like Hearst helped me grow my credibility in the industry and working in the wellness industry helped my work at Hearst. Becoming an ‘influential’ voice in the industry taught me a lot about working with brands in new ways.

 But something had to give, something needed to change – I needed to choose one. But which one? The corporate job or the dream? I loved them both equally just one gave me more scope, more fulfilment, But with it more fear. My old stories of not being good enough, not believing in myself enough. That was part of the choice of pursuing my dream - a lot of fear.

 I spent 6 months dealing with that fear, crying over my decision and being uncertain of what to do. I wanted to leave and pursue my passion so much but it was a world of unknown. A world of challenges, uncomfort and no security.

 I took on a mentor and finally built up the confidence and courage to take the leap with nothing but pure passion and drive in my soul. 2 years on, I successfully built my name in the industry as one of the leading personal trainers coaches. + voices, I co-founded a successful influencer marketing agency, I business coach and mentor and Alternatively Healthy is the fastest growing wellness magazine written by experts in the UK.  

  • The experts I met through running my blog and throwing myself out there at events whilst still at my full time job.

  • The growth as a personal trainer from having that dream to be one as a young child and working in a gym at 15

  •  The understanding of how to run a magazine from my interest at a young age and 5 years experience at a publishing house.

  • The skills to run a team I learnt from managing a department at Hearst

  •  The ability to create a brand and help others grow theirs from learning branding and strategy at university.

  • The ability to create influential brand campaigns through my own personal social channels from learning how when writing my dissertation.

  •  The skills to sell sponsorship at my events and for my podcast from being a sales manager.

  •  The confidence to present and talk for brands, at events + through my own podcast from working in restaurants and presenting time and time again at university on pitches.


See how every dot connects? Everything makes sense? Everything adds up! My life has gone full circle and now includes elements of every single part of my history.


So I guess what I am saying is..


I know how it feels to have passion burning inside of you to do something different but the fear of the unknown being to much to take the risk.

I know how it feels to think money only comes when you overwork.

I know how it feels to do something that makes no sense at the time.

 I know how it feels to think that you should be happy but aren’t.

 I know how scary it is to change your whole perspective of what you want in life.

 I Know how overwhelming it is to have an idea you feel so passionately about but don’t know where to start.

 But what I also know is…

 how to turn that fear into excitement and drive

 How to shed old thoughts and understand that everything was meant to be and has a place in your new journey

 How to pursue only what makes you FEEL GOOD

 How to take each day as though it was perfectly meant for you knowing that it all connects.

 Let me show you how your dots connect and how to take the leap.