When I find myself running to the cupboards on the hunt for anything to eat I say to myself ‘ I love myself enough not to’


When I find myself getting upset after a disagreement with a friend, I say to myself ‘ I love myself enough not to let this upset me’


When I find myself saying bad things to myself I stop and say ‘ I love myself enough not to talk to myself this way’


When I am exhausted but had mentally planned to go to the gym and the feeling of guilt rushes over me as I start to decide I may not go, I stop and say ‘ I love myself enough not to feel guilty


You get the point, I love myself enough. This has quickly become one of my favourite sentences. For far too long quite the opposite was in play. I had no love for myself and I was eating away at the cupboards, holding on to grudges, speaking badly to myself, being a people pleaser and generally not doing anything at all for myself.


I have always been one of those people who hated the thought of anyone not liking me so I always wanted to please others. I thought that was me being a good person, a kind person That’s a good thing, right? To help others?  Whilst helping others Is certainly one of the most rewarding things, it needs to come from a place of abundance. Not a lace of lack. I was doing it at the fear people would be annoyed at me if I didn’t or wouldn’t like me, I was doing it because I had no love for myself. I was doing it from a place of lack


Once you spend time on yourself, loving yourself and getting yourself to the happiest place possible, only then can you truly give to others. Wherever we are we are taught to help ourselves before others, on a plane, in a car. It isn’t selfish, it is self-love. Helping others is way more rewarding and successful when it comes from someone who is already full up.


I am a big believer of using mantras to get me through the day or to help a simple shift in perception and energy and often just stopping, pausing and having the time to say them helps.


By loving yourself enough not to devour that bag of crisps in the cupboard when you aren’t physically hungry you become full up. Try it next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Stop and simply tell yourself you love yourself enough and watch how your energy and behaviour changes. Watch how suddenly, that packet of crisps is no longer of interest to you. If you loved yourself enough, you wouldn’t have bad things to say about yourself, you wouldn’t put yourself in bad situations and certainly wouldn’t be around bad people.


We are conditioned by society in a way that teaches us not to love ourselves, or think we are enough The constant comparisons and judgement make it tough and feed our ego. We feel safer in places of self-lack for some reason. Yet it is in that self-lack that we allow ourselves to attract negativity. That we allow ourselves to lose control of our own intuition. Love yourself enough to do what makes you happy, move in ways that feel good and nourish your body with foods it likes. You will no longer do anything but live intuitively.


becki rabin