Ok, so you have invested in your new mindful you, you have heaps of personal growth books next to your bed, quotes saved on Instagram and a never ending list of affirmations and mantras to try and remember. Not to mention meditation techniques and links to contend with alongside all the other health content you are trying to take in. All the gear, no idea, so they say. With ‘quotes r us’ swamping social media and the never ending list of affirmations, mantras and mindfulness practices it can be a little overwhelming and impossible to keep on top of at times. Whether you are new to the art of being mindful, curious or a complete pro, here are my favourite ways to save you from getting swallowed up into mindful anxiety.



Firstly, it is so important to be patient. When you are new to the world of mindful practice – there is an awful lot to take in. An awful lot. I remember reading affirmations reciting them and then by the time I got 5 pages further in my book, I had another 20 affirmations to contend with that the one I practiced over and over again had totally gone and that was just ONE author. The key to taking it all in is to do exactly that; take it all in. Like any practice in health, it takes time for it to click and you need to allow it to take time. Give yourself a break and know that you will get there. I promise you.



This is KEY. Remember you are not sitting an exam at the end of all of this. The reason for all of this is to make you feel happier so try to take the pressure off. These tools and resources are there to advise you and help you listen to all the wisdom you already have inside of you. Know that it does not matter if you do not remember an affirmation or mantra word for word, just do whatever feels right for you hunny and whatever comes out of you.



Keeping on top of all the practices whether it is meditation or saying affirmations is all down to listening to you. When you are out of whack or feeling a little rough, take yourself away and sit in quietness. You will be fed what you need to know. Your body and mind are incredible and they know exactly when to feed you the right bits of information. You will know when you need to add a particular meditation to your daily routine, you will know exactly what affirmation you need that day. Let yourself guide you and don’t worry about a thing.




When I first started meditating I saved the links to guided mediation in my notes on my phone with a title for what that practice worked on. That way when I was feeling a certain way or wanted to focus on something in particular I could find what I needed easily.


With affirmations I wrote them down on little post it notes and stuck them on my bed side table. Each day, I trusted that I would look at the affirmations I needed for that day. What actually started happening is that certain post it notes would fall off the chest of drawers in such weird ways and always find their way into my hands or lap. What is even better, each one perfectly fit with what I needed to hear/see that day.

Find little ways that suit you and  your lifestyle to organise the information you want to hold on too. Whether it is highlighting in a book, writing on a wall or notepad. You will know what works best for you.



Just as exercise has become a lifestyle, make your mindful practice a lifestyle – it is just as, if not more important. I used to be the girl that got up and rushed out of the door to head to the gym before work. I am now the girl that has what I call my happy hour in the morning. Most mornings I practice an hour of reading, mediation and journaling if I can. I notice the days I don’t manage it – I feel completely off whack and the days I do, I feel lighter, brighter and am a lot more fun to be around.

becki rabin