Professional Bio

Becki Rabin is a business mentor, empowerment coach and founder of GETLIT inc – a personal development platform and wellness hub. Becki is a trailblazer in the self-development arena and is on a mission to help women own their power and access their full potential. With 10 years’ experience in the wellness industry, she has worked 1000s of individuals, and brands, through mentoring, coaching and consultancy. Becki is dedicated to helping women make their dreams reality.

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Becki's Story

Having kickstarted her career in Marketing + Advertising following a marketing and communications PR degree, as an advertising manager at Hearst Magazines working across the industries most Iconic print magazine titles, Becki has a wealth of knowledge in marketing, social media and brand building working closely with small businesses, entrepreneurs and large consumer brands. Her natural business flare and passion for wellness saw her take the leap and start her own business launching the UKs first wellness hub to be written by experts, coaches and practitioners.

Becki also built a renowned reputation as a personal trainer to celebrities and leading health and fitness influencers, becoming one of Industry elite. Not only launching her own business and spending time as a personal trainer, she also co-founded the UK’s first influencer communications agency. Her work as both entrepreneur and coach sae Becki work with a vast portfolio of world renowned brands including PUMA, JD Women, Adidas + Reebok, Holland & Barrett + many more. Her passion for all elements of health + wellness, from mindfulness + nutrition through to health + fitness has also won the attention of magazines such as Women’s Health + Cosmopolitan.

Becki has hosted workout classes of all shapes + sizes for multiple renowned brands, whilst also recently launching her own online coaching programme, ‘The body Project’, championing women to simultaneously work their mindset as well as their physical through video coaching on self-love, dealing up self worth and getting clear about their goals.